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Okinawa BLUE 8years old, 750ml, 40%, the industry's first rice whiskey that "keeps aging", because we want many people to try it.

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Hereclickdo it、Okinawa BLUE 8years old, 750ml, 40%, the industry's first rice whiskey that "keeps aging", because we want many people to try it. You can notify the shipping status of。

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◆ The birth of the industry's first "continuously aging" rice whiskey

Rice whiskey of rare quality that "continues to age".

Okinawa BLUE 8 Years" rice whiskey is the first rice whiskey in the liquor industry with the world's rarest quality of "continuous maturation". 8 years of maturation gives this new whiskey a fruity aroma and a gentle sweetness that does not remind you of its 40% alcohol content.。

Achieved the industry's No. 1 support amount in crowdfunding

On the crowdfunding site Makuake, more than 700 supporters were obtained and more than 15 million yen was collected for supporting purchases. This is the No. 1 achievement in the industry for a product pre-sale project. The product is now on sale with the support of many people.

◆ 亜熱帯気候を活かし、唯一無二の味わいを実現

Luxuriously crafted whisky with three layers of maturity.

Okinawa BLUE 8 Years" is a luxuriously crafted whiskey that has undergone three different types of aging: bourbon barrel aging, aging in old oak barrels, and subtropical aging. The high temperature and humidity of the subtropical climate causes significant alcohol evaporation in the barrels, which is difficult to control, but the aging process takes place in a relatively short period of time, resulting in a rich aroma and a rich flavor.

Quality whiskey that even top bartenders approve of.

We also received a recommendation from Mr. Miyagi, Food & Beverage Manager of ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort. He said, "This is a fine whiskey that perfectly blends the gorgeous aroma of bourbon barrels and the mellow flavor derived from rice. I can't think of any other whiskey with a similar flavor, and I think it is the only one and only whiskey that could be made in Okinawa," he said.

◆ Aiming to make Okinawan whiskey "delicious" to the world

Whisky that challenges the world with an eye on the times

Not only Scotch whiskey made from malt (barley malt), but also Irish whiskey made from wheat, American whiskey derived from corn, and Canadian whiskey blended from corn and rye, etc. Whiskey in the world recognizes whiskey made from various grains and The movement is expanding. With an eye on these changing times, "Okinawa BLUE 8-nen" was created with the aim of creating a "rice whiskey" that would be recognized around the world.

Tasting Notes

Surprisingly refreshing and very fruity. It has a sweet and gentle aroma like vanilla and honey, without any twang despite its 40% alcohol content.
The taste has a solid power at 40 degrees, but does not feel at all like Awamori. However, it has a deep, mellow sweetness and umami derived from rice, and is smooth on the palate. You will feel a very well-balanced texture with a clean mouthfeel that is easy to match with food.

◆ Delicious Enjoyment

Recommended on the rocks. Whiskey lovers, go straight.

The aroma is very good, so a highball would be a good way to enjoy the aroma, but it seems a bit of a waste. It is not too strong for its alcohol content, so it can be enjoyed on the rocks. If you like alcoholic beverages, you will definitely enjoy it straight.

Cheeses with a certain flavor taste much better when paired with other cheeses.

It is a good match for smoked cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and other cheeses that have their own unique aroma and flavor. The aroma and softness of the whiskey enhances the mild flavor of the cheese, making it very tasty.

The saltiness of the cured ham and the sweet flavor of the vanilla are a perfect match.

Excellent are meat snacks such as smoked ham and cured ham. They are not too sweet, so the flavor and saltiness of the meat matches the sweet aroma of the vanilla, making it a very good match. The whiskey has a strong power in its flavor, which enhances the taste of the meat.

Best as an adult sweet when combined with brownies.

The best part was the matching with the chocolate brownie. The whisky's originally sweet vanilla flavor goes very well with the rich chocolate, and when the two are combined, the sweetness and richness of the chocolate expands greatly in the mouth. It will be a superb adult sweet.

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